In order to register for a space in Redwood please ask for an application form at the office or download one from the registration forms section.  Should we be unable to offer you an immediate place then your name will be placed on a waiting list and places will be offered strictly in accordance with position on that list.

We operate an equal opportunities policy and will not discriminate against any person on any grounds.

We welcome the opportunity to show people around our facilities at any time, you need only turn up.  However, in order to achieve the most from your visit by having our Redwood manager available you may prefer to make an appointment.

Should you wish to make use of our services we would then ask you to follow through our induction procedure.


For parents wishing to make use of the collection from St James, there is the option, if you wish, to meet our member of staff with your child at the school and walk back to the Centre with the group.  This has a dual purpose of introducing you and your child to the person who will be collecting them and allowing you to see the route that we use to bring the children back and the procedures that we use.  You can then come into the Centre with your child and see the routine that we follow in action.

If your child is to be dropped off at the Centre then we would ask that you simply come in for a visit to view what the children do and ensure that what we are offering is right for your child.

Please note that you do not have to follow this induction procedure if you are happy with the way we operate.  We offer this service as a gentle introduction to the after school care for both you and your child.


When we began the club we sat down with the children and with their help we drew up a few rules to provide a base line for the behaviour that is expected.  The rules are listed below;

  • Always treat the furniture, equipment and toys carefully as if they were your own.
  • Children to pack away their own tea things.
  • Good manners at the tea table.
  • Be friendly and kind to each other.
  • Balls are for outdoor use only.
  • Always flush the toilet and wash your hands.


We can use up to four people to carry out collections from St James.  We avoid changes to these personnel as much as possible to ensure continuity for the children.  Where additional staff are needed then they will be either existing staff that the children know or they will have been introduced to the children beforehand.  The staff who are collecting the children will always wear the Centre uniform to aid the children in recognising them.

The staff always have a list of children which they have to collect and they will not leave the school grounds until they have all the children or have satisfied themselves through the school office and the Centre office that they are able to do so.


The after school care tends to follow a fairly regular routine.  When the children have arrived the register is taken.  This is followed by any information for that day, this would include a review of the activities that are available for that session.

We try to involve the children in all the decisions that are taken.  They will choose which of the group of activities are available and will be asked about anything we do that involves the club.  They also input to the choice of games, toys etc. that we buy.

The children then carry out their chosen activity.  A quiet area is provided for children to relax if they wish to.

We provide a sandwich tea for the children and they are involved in setting the tea things out, making their own tea and clearing up afterwards


If your child is to use Redwood on a regular basis then we will book them a permanent place on the day(s) that you require.  If you only require occasional care or need an extra session then you will need to notify the Centre of your requirements, these will be checked against available sessions and you will receive verbal confirmation immediately if we are able to accommodate your requests.

It is very important that once your session is booked if there are any changes you notify us, all this requires is a telephone call.  It causes us a great deal of concern if a child we are expecting fails to turn up and involves us in frantic ringing around to discover the reason.  It also means, if we are collecting from school, our staff being unable to leave the school until we have determined why the child is not there.

Any changes to your original contract will require half a term notice.


We try to give feedback at every opportunity, we are always available to speak to you.  If you are unable to see a particular person when you collect your child please feel free to call in at another time or to make an appointment.  If there is any way you feel we could improve the service that we offer you then please let us know.